Ambrosial Organic Granola Supports Non-GMO Month

Non-GMO Month is upon us!  Yesterday, 10-10-10, was Non-GMO Day.  To celebrate, Ambrosial Granola sampled at the Whole Foods Market in Chelsea on Friday, October 8th.  We had a great turnout and are excited about Whole Food’s participation in the Non-GMO Project to verify and label all non-GMO products.  Without consumer knowledge and participation, though, the effort will be fruitless; so read on to learn more about the fight against GMOs in our food.

GMOs are genetically modified organisms.  The process involves the genes of one organism being transplanted into the genome of another.  A common example is bacteria or plant genes being put into crops to increase insect resistance or herbicide tolerance.   The problem with GMOs—and the reason they are banned in many other countries—is that the environmental and health toll is as yet not understood and in many cases, studies point to potential health risks.

The Grocery Manufacturers Administration reported that 80 percent of the food found in our supermarkets has at least one ingredient that was genetically modified.   Like high-fructose corn syrup, another complex health and food issue, this is a phenomenon that is remarkably more widespread in the United States than other countries.

The Non-GMO Project is important to our food consumption because “Non-GMO” claims were up 67 percent in 2009 and verification is needed to support this increase.  In the United States, foods with GMOs in them are not required to be labeled; this stands in stark contrast to the fact that 30 other countries in the world, including every single nation in the European Union, have already banned or restricted GMOs.   It also makes life more difficult for the consumer.

The Non-GMO Project provides the country’s first third-party non-GMO verified label and will help us all be more conscious consumers.  Ambrosial Granola is proud to say that it uses only organic, non-GMO ingredients in all of its products and to be part of the effort to support consumers’ rights.

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