To Eat or Not to Eat, that is the Question… Organic Nutrient-Dense Granola and the Counting of Fat Grams

Love to interact with our customers.  It helps me better understand their needs and dietary concerns and think how best to address them.  After all, Ambrosial organic granola and muesli came to life as a direct response to my own nutritional concerns.

March is the National Nutrition Month. No better time to focus on the most frequent questions our customers raise:  How much fat? How many calories? How much sugar? … all crucial pieces to the puzzle of a healthy diet.  From a dietary perspective though, they would be complete if followed with questions about the kind of fat, the nutrient density of each calorie, the source of sugars, the fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals each serving delivers.

The writing spark of this blog was a January 2012 press release from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) under the title Muffin Makeover: Dispelling the Low-Fat-Is-Healthy Myth. To challenge the myth, nutrition experts at HSPH, together with chefs and dietitians from The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), developed five new muffin recipes using healthy fats and whole grains and less salt and sugar.  Their goal was to “make over” the low-fat muffin, advertized as a “better-for-you” choice. These low-fat muffins are made with reduced amounts of heart-healthy fats and plenty of harmful carbohydrates in the form of white flour and sugar.

“Low-fat processed foods are not much better, and are often higher in sugar, carbohydrates, or salt than their full-fat counterparts” the nutrition experts note and add: “For good health, type of fat matters more than amount”. Numerous studies, many from Harvard School of Public Health showed that low-fat diets are no better for health than moderate- or high-fat diets—and for many people, may be worse…  “Low-fat approach to eating hasn’t reduced obesity or made people healthier” the press release announces.

Dr. Walter Willett, professor of epidemiology and nutrition and chair of the Department of Nutrition at HSPH, suggests: “It’s time to end the low-fat myth.  Unfortunately, many well-motivated people have been led to believe that all fats are bad and that foods loaded with white flour and sugar are healthy choices.  This has clearly contributed to the epidemic of diabetes we are experiencing and premature death for many”.

Ambrosial Granola was born in response to my quest in finding better breakfast cereals to feed my children. This motherly care has been passed on and became one of Ambrosial Granola’s fundamental values: offer nutrient -dense products inspired by the traditional Mediterranean diet, well documented for its health benefits.  Food trends come and go making lots of buzz on- and off-line.  It is our responsibility to you the consumer, to provide trustworthy well documented information from reliable sources.  Dr. Willett’s advice to” end the low-fat myth” becomes the best response to our customers’ hunt for the lowest in fat foods.

Every serving of Ambrosial organic granola and muesli delivers good heart-healthy fats such as omega-3s.  We do not add any oil in our baking.  Organic flax meal and a variety of nuts, seeds and fruits mixed with whole grains, all certified organic, boost each spoonful with wholesome nutrition.  Our inspiration is the heart- healthy Mediterranean food culture which has been imprinted on me and influenced my nutritional outlook in life.  Growing up under the Mediterranean sun, fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts, all nutrient-dense foods from the nearby farm, were readily available. We never counted calories, fat or sugars. Famously, Greek salads were swimming in olive oil, always in abundance and most of the sugars were from the freshly picked fruits.

We are bringing the age-old wisdom of the Mediterranean diet to the modern world.  Enjoy our products with a peaceful mind!  After all, our state of mind is as important as our food choices for our wellbeing.

Here are some healthy recipes from our site, including the Ambrosial Granola muffins:

Disclaimer: Our only aim writing this blog is to provide useful information. It is not our intention to offer personal medical advice. You should seek the advice of your qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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A mother determined to raise her children with the healthy Mediterranean diet as she was raised under the Mediterranean sun. From our family to yours... only pure and nutritious food belongs to our family table.
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